All Hail Insecurity
elan gale

It doesn’t go like that.

Your reframing is based on ignoring the difference between self-security and arrogance.

Insecure people are more empathic (and even work harder because of the "not enough" feeling), but it doesn’t make insecurity the best thing a person can possess.

For example, insecure people will be resistant about asking for a raise at work, even when they deserve it. They will be resistant about different opportunities (which can be a relationship, job, teaching…). The "new" turns out to be extremely scary when you're not confident about yourself. And that's definitely not amazing.

Being confident and secure about yourself doesn’t mean being an arrogant. The worst people I know are arrogant, not secure.

Security means self-worth, awareness about your place on earth, and peace with yourself and your achievements in life.

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