5 Reasons To Use Angularjs In App Development

The web developer world has been blessed by Angular Technology. With the increasing need for web apps in web development, the ideas for its resources have constantly evolved. And Angular JS has indeed helped web developers create robust and rich experiences in web applications. It offers disruptive features that suit the modern web application development where it is technology that is client side.

Since the introduction of the Angular 2, the new and improved features of Angular technology have pleased the AngularJS Development Specialists. Let us explore the top 5 features that make AngularJS so brilliant!

1. A Declarative User Interface

It is a server side technology that offers declarative language, intuitive interface in JavaScript. When you are using an interface written in JavaScript, then HTML code supports that interface. AngularJS uses HTML to define apps user interface. With HTML, the app development is simplified (WYSIWYG). So all you have to do is define the requirements and let AngularJS do the other jobs of interface.

2. Two Way Data Binding

It is one of the most impressive features of AngularJS technology. It makes development process very simple and very effective. It is a real time concept that is allowing Angular Development Experts to develop web applications with ease. It provides with a projection of models to the application view without any effort from the developers. It handles synchronization between the DOM and the model effectively.

3. MVVM Architecture

AngularJS integrates MVC software design pattern which allows easy building of client side web applications. One of the biggest advantages of AngularJS is the MVC structure and turns out that it is closer to MVVM — Model — View — ViewModel. The MVVM architecture surely supports the contemporary processes of development and web applications.

4. POJO Data Models

Angular is amazing and web developers are falling in love with it. It has proven great for developing single page applications and modern web applications. But what makes it so interesting! It is POJO data models i.e. Plain old JavaScript Objects. So the developers do no require setter functions. The edits in the models can happen on the POJO directly and it loops over objects and arrays. This makes the code clean and optimized to load faster. These models works closely with the controllers and views offering smooth development experience with AngularJS.

5. Convenient Testing Feature

Testing is one of the important aspects of developing a web application and AngularJS does the needful for the current type of vulnerabilities. It has been very considerate about testing where Google engineers have made sure that testing is easier at any level. It comes with end to end unit test runner setup which allows extremely convenient testing of web applications.

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