Gig Internet

I just got Gigabit* internet today. (*Not Gigabyte, which is what you are familiar with, they sell you gigabit which is 8x slower. That’s why they love the advertising term “Gig Internet”).

Seems faster, but I had to buy a new modem to get DOCSIS 3.1 to support it, and now it looks like I’m definitely maxing out my wifi router because my speed test drops from like 500–700mbps plugged in, to under 100 mbps on wireless. So that’s another $500 in addition to the monthly cost.

I have been watching a lot of YouTube lately, especially more stuff like vlogs than I had in the past (Casey Neistat’s is pretty enthralling and the production quality is amazing. Can’t wait to see what he brings with the news/video network, Beme, he’s starting up.), as well as some stuff like Numberphile, Nerdwriter and Binging with Babish that dive in depth on subjects. Traditionally I was mostly watching tech reviews and movie trailers, so I’m covering more ground. I assume I’m not alone in this. The depth you can explore personal, niche ideas has always been the Internet’s strong point, and the professional quality results that today’s video producers are getting is really blowing away traditional news and specialty cable channels. No need to repeat everything 10 times to fill a 30 minute block. Just get in, get to the point and get out.

What I’ve been ___’ing

Talked about above:
Casey Neistat,
Binging with Babish,

A great podcast on the history of skateboarding:

Another good one on the unintended consequences of desegregation in schools:

This 17 year old kid’s photos of NASA launches, etc

Arnold inspiring

What’s your favorite sterotype?
Mine is Boom Box.

U.N.T. (Until Next Time) -Dietler

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