Barcamp Yangon 2017: Technology, Community and the Largest Unconference in the World.

Barcamp Yangon
That guy.
The wall of talks.
The Minister of Yangon.
Security came to tell people not to hang off the rails.
Lanterns and longyi.
Data training, the translated Detox kit, and the Detox Bar.
Detox kit!
  • Thanks to Chit, Agga and Htaike Htaike and the rest of the organizers for putting on an excellently run event.
  • It was fun to re-meet Mike Amy and John Berns, some Barcamps-in-Asia regulars that I’d met at Barcamp Chiang Mai and Barcamp Bangkok about half a decade ago when we were living in Thailand.
  • I got a Hong Kong and China techno-braindump from Ben Crox (another Barcamps-in-Asia fixture), and had great conversation with his friends Edmond (who’s got a cool “visual novel” style storytelling startup called Oice) and Roger (an HK native who is a US history teacher!?!).
  • Dany Sum from Cambodia gave a Facebook security presentation, walking us through a bunch of security options on the website, and showing how to set up two-factor authentication, for example. As I’ve only recently gotten back on Facebook after five years off, it was scary to see how poorly the iOS app was implemented — both regular features and security and privacy preferences were broken in a number of ways.
  • Laurent Savaete of Zigway gave me the lowdown on social microfinance, how payments work (or not) in Myanmar, and also told me about how the Zapya file-sharing app for Android is used instead of Google’s Play Store for app distribution and sharing here.
  • Phandeeyar’s team did a bunch of talks on various topics from straight tech stuff to civic entrepreneurship. Phandeeyar is a super interesting organization: A startup accelerator, innovation lab and coworking space — all emerging from a series of hackathons in 2014. I’ll be speaking at Phandeeyar this Thursday about the role of the web in our increasingly physical computing world.
U Ko Ni (Reuters photo)
Sunset, satellite dishes and the moon in Yangon.




Mozilla, Firefox, and the Web. Every spectator is a plotter.

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dietrich ayala

dietrich ayala

Mozilla, Firefox, and the Web. Every spectator is a plotter.

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