John Orzechowski

Hi John,

I like that you stated your specific interview questions. It helps me to understand how you got to the answers and conclusions that you drew. Your summaries were also very informative, and I think you weened a lot of good information out of your interviews. I found the snacking as bonding-time and the snack packaging being extra stuff the most interesting!

I wish you had stated your sub-theme at the beginning of your blog. It was pretty easy to figure out from the rest of the information that you gave, but this would have saved me the extra step of having to figure it out. I also wish you had told us at the beginning of your interviews where you had done them, it’s nice framing information to have.

What if you had interviewed some kids about snacking — specifically packaging? I wonder if they have any opinions about it, or if they even care? I can’t remember how much attention I paid to packaging when I was a kid, but that’d be great information to have for your project!

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