Smart Water Meters: Solving the Problem of Water Trade in Developing Countries

3 min readOct 18, 2023

by Dieuvie Iyaba

One common problem for Congolese households and businesses is overbilling and underbilling for the use of water. After some investigations, Dieuvie Amani Iyaba found that the Water Distribution Company in Kinshasa faces difficulty in monitoring the consumption of customers because there is a corrupt system where agents receive money from the citizens in order to reduce the amount of money they are paying for the water bill.

One solution for this problem was the invention of a smart water meter, capable of collecting, processing, displaying, and transmitting consumption and billing data via an internet connection. It would enable the community to track their water usage and it can also detect leakages and report it back to the user who is able to view information through a web and mobile application.

The smart water meter gives the water distribution company and its users confidence to overcome the problem of overbilling and less bill from consumers

Dieuvie working on device

The smart water meter is primarily a tool that allows you to measure water flows and then transmits it to an application that will help users track water consumption and see real-time billing.

Why having a smart water meter, when there is already a modern meter?

After conducting several research studies, I found that the Water Distribution Company has difficulty monitoring the consumption of its customers because there is corruption issues and forgery, and consumers are sometimes over-billed or under-billed.

I also realized that consumers had trouble reading the current meter. So I was thinking of creating a smart water meter that communicates with a web and mobile applications to solve this problem.

Dieuvie working on device

The smart water meter will also allow the well owner to better monitor the sale of water online and in real time.

I have use the combination of flow meter solenoid valve,ESP 32 SIM 7000,min power plant,electronic relay and LCD screen to make this devise

How does it work?

the Smart meter works by installing the smart meter at the arrival of a hydraulic system to allow the meter to count the water we use.

And install the applications or consult it on the web so that you can finally see all the information related to water consumption through an internet connection in real time.

We all know that water is an indispensable element for human beings and we also know the impact of water trade in the economy of a country, that is why smart water meter come to solve the problem of traffic indexes and give confidence to consumers and water suppliers.

Next, the plan is to work with the national water supply to embed this system to their water meters We are at the presentation stage