My mechanical keyboard journey

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And this is my keyboards journey..

#1st Razer BlackWidow Tournament 2013

( 2013 ) Cherry MX Blue

My journey start from Jing told me about machanical keyboard is great. He fall in love with HHKB2. After that my boss buy Razer BlackWidow Tournament 2013, Tenkeyless with clicky sound. I try his keyboard and fell of click texture, click sound and keycap touching. 1 week after that I buy same model like him and enter to the new journey…

#2nd Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid

( 2013– 2017 ) Cherry MX Black

1–2 months after blue switch, I read more about Cherry MX and want to try other color. I choose black because I already know tactile felling from blue, I want to know about linear feeling but red is too soft for me. First week of black is not ok, Black need more force to click but time pass week by week. My fingers stronger enough to use it. I use CM for 5 years before change to Ducky.

with Ducky black PBT keycaps
with Ducky yellow PBT keycaps

#3rd Rosewill RK-9000BR

Cherry MX Brown ( 2013 for 2–3 days )

I have a short time with Rosewill. Yes, I need to try other color and I choose brown. Brown is not bad, soft clicky sound with tactile feeling. My bros is a gamer and he is interested this keyboard. So I re-sell for him and back to CM.

PS. This is my first full layout keyboard.

Sold to my bros and back to CM

#4th Ducky One Rainbow TKL PBT Dye Sub 2017

Cherry MX Brown (2017 — Present )

I use CM for 5 years and it still very stable. My boss go to Taiwan, The land of keyboard. I tell him if he find Ducky One please buy 1 for me, and he found this one. I cannot define language on keycaps but no problems for me. Keycap touching is very good, and this is my current keyboard.

My boss buy from Taiwan
without Keycaps

Thanks for reading and please share your journey!

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