Wow I am so stunned by this.
Boddapati Shivanand

Lol the two “examples” you have shown here are from a different subreddit — r/indianews, not r/india. Different subreddits are independently managed by different groups of people and the policies of the mods of one subreddit has no effect on the function of another.

You obviously are new to this whole reddit thing. If you want to understand what people are talking about, I suggest that you create an account on reddit and try to participate in r/india for a few weeks. Until then, please don’t discount other people’s experiences and not talk with such confidence about things you clearly have no knowledge of.

The biases in moderation of r/india is something people who use that subreddit regularly face. The mods often remove comments and posts that violate no rule, just because they don’t agree with the views presented in them. They have been known to ban right-wing users for the smallest infraction (sometimes even without any infraction), and give a lot of leeway to “liberals” to abuse, witch-hunt and circlejerk in peace. Especially in recent weeks, the community has become extremely toxic and instead of good quality, insightful comments, it is all beef this, gaumutra that and it is extremely off-putting to anyone who wants to have any sort of reasonable discussion.

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