Impeach the Mother . . .

Let’s cut right to the chase!

It appears that a large majority of the new majority in the House of Representatives has opinions about the Trump presidency along a spectrum. At one end of the spectrum, it’s Impeach the Motherbleeper! At the other end of the spectrum, it’s let’s wait until Mueller finishes his report and then Impeach the Motherbleeper! This attitude presents a major threat to American democracy.

The impeach now view is that ample grounds for impeachment already exist. Trump obstructed justice because he fired the FBI Director. That doesn’t wash. The head of the FBI is a federal government appointee, who serves at the pleasure of the President. He can be fired for any reason or no reason. Trump colluded with Russia because Don Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who purported to have dirt on Hillary. That doesn’t wash. She produced nothing. If that is collusion, what is Hillary’s work obtaining an unsubstantiated dossier (probably concocted by the GRU) thru multiple cutouts that was leaked to the press and peddled to the FBI? Trump violated the emoluments clause because Russians spent a lot of money at his DC hotel. That doesn’t wash. No owner of a business could ever be president if that is an impeachable offense. Trump violated campaign law by buying NDAs from two women with whom he had consensual sex. That doesn’t wash. NDAs are not illegal; he used his own money; and no presidential candidate has ever gotten more than a fine for campaign finance violations. Bill Clinton took money repeatedly from an Indonesian banker who was clearly seeking a quid pro quo. He took money from a rogue commodity trader, Mark Rich, who had escaped to Switzerland to evade prosecution, and whom Clinton subsequently pardoned. Barack Obama was fined $800,000 for illegal contributions. Whatever the eventual outcome of a campaign finance assertion, it does not rise to the level of a high crime.

Let us stipulate that Trump is doing a poor job in the Oval Office. He is a narcissist who has tantrums. Normally, armchair analysis is inadmissible, but we have decades of exposure to evidence supporting that conclusion. He is impulsive. He gives new meaning to the word tacky. All that said . . . HE WAS DULY ELECTED! He didn’t win the popular vote, but the rules of the game were well known to all participants at the time of the campaign. He covered up sexual escapades with two women, but his sex life and misogyny were on full display for the voters. The American electorate chose the man, warts and all. Instead of flogging impeachment, the Democrats should be trying to figure out how they alienated that many voters.

There is certainly a possibility that Mueller will reveal a real crime. The chances of a new and startling revelation coming out of the leakiest town on earth are slim, but it could happen. In that event, impeachment is certainly in order. Lacking a credible and serious charge, the impeachment message being sent is as follows: We don’t like the guy you elected and we will take it upon ourselves to remove him. When elections cease to be final, we are in trouble. We will have transformed ourselves from a democratic republic into a banana republic. The democratic way to oust Trump is to find a candidate who can beat him in 2020. If you want your candidate to be accepted as the legitimate president when elected, impeaching the current president for political reasons is not a good idea.