dtmweb launches ROUNDBID.COM in Dhaka.

ROUNDBID.COM — Make a wish

dtmweb, a company which works to accumulate tech products and serve around the world, finally launches their second consumer business in Dhaka. ROUNDBID.COM was sketched & crafted through the whole year-2016 with three co-founders — Nihan Dip, Hasin Oishe & Diat Khan. According to the co-founders, the company has some serious core values to propose for the industry. Here is how ROUNDBID.COM works:

You simply write down what product you are looking for and multiple sellers will bid different offers for you to choose. It also has an artificial intelligence module to engage the appropriate sellers to ensure the right deal for the customers. ROUNDBID also allow buyers to be able to chat and negotiate secretly with different sellers, which is, by far the first time any company has came up with in the industry. After a user selects the best deal, ROUNDBID.COM does the quality assurance of the product and ships to the destination anywhere in the city.

Hasin Oishe, the co-founder & COO says, “To me, Roundbid is the genie that isn’t limited to only 3 wishes but is able to full fill any number wishes of a person! And this genie is going to change the buying pattern of our current consumers very soon!”

ROUNDBID also allows a customer to mention the budget while posting the wish, which means, the customers no longer have to depend on the price set by the sellers’ association rather they can freely determine how much they are willing to spend on a particular product.

Debashish Ojha, the co-founder & Chief Engineer noted — “The best thing about roundbid is you are actually in control and see price range as a customer.”

The company is thrilled by the response they had in the first couple of weeks. The co-founders also spoke about their mission that, they are not focused on making money right now, rather they are more focused on the application of the unique proposition and really being able to serve their best to the consumers.

Diat Khan, the co-founder & CEO says, “I think it proposes a unique value to the consumer community and delivers a clear picture with high opacity that, it has a significantly different buying behavior which enables a customer to get the best product at best price.”
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