In this second article I will show you how to use ARCore Flutter Plugin, we will add a 3D Earth with moon at 1 meter from the plane.

If you haven’t read the first part (to setup your project with ARCore Flutter Plugin), I suggest you do it, you can find it here.

Import the plugin

First, let’s import the plugin, you need to insert in the file where you want use the plugin, like this:

Add ARCoreView into your widget

In Scaffold’s body we insert the ArCoreView widget, like this:

onArCoreViewCreated: called when the native platform view is created.

enableTapRecognizer: enable the tap listener on…

After seeing a new augmented reality plugin based on Apple’s ArKit, I decided to create a plugin based on Google’s ARCore: ARCore Flutter Plugin

You can see any examples on my Twitter’s profile.

What can you do with this plugin (for now)?

  • add a node positioned according to the position of the camera
  • add a node anchored to an automatically detected plan
  • add a shape to a node
  • add a style to a shape (color, reflectance, roughness, metallic)
  • add a texture to a shape
  • add a rotating node
  • add node with children nodes
  • detect a plane
  • detect the tap on…

It’s been over a year since I started studying and using Flutter as an SDK for mobile application development; given the potential of the framework, I proposed to use Flutter for the realization of an application in a university project started with my graduation thesis. From this positive experience a we organized an event on Flutter scheduled for 11 April 2019 at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Urbino. The purpose of the seminar, of a theoretical/practical nature, is to give an overview of Flutter and show its potential by creating a small application. Thanks to the…

Oramai è passato più di un anno da quando ho iniziato a studiare ed utilizzare Flutter come SDK per lo sviluppo di applicazioni mobile; viste le potenzialità del framework, ho proposto di utilizzare Flutter per la realizzazione di un’applicazione in un progetto universitario avviato con la mia tesi di Laurea. Da questa esperienza positiva si è organizzato un seminario su Flutter in programma l’11 Aprile 2019 presso la facoltà di Informatica Applica dell’Università di Urbino. Lo scopo del seminario, di natura teorico/pratico, è di dare una panoramica su Flutter e mostrare le sue potenzialità realizzando una piccola applicazione. Grazie al…

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I'm a mobile developer! Flutter is amazing

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