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India’s ancient Vedic- culture and critical dimensions: -

In fact we all know that, man, life is precious . Yet we all do it everyday bargains . Adopt modern civilization somewhere in the race we are human values ​​shed . The resulting complete human society today are rich in resources, is not too happy . Why? Irregular and uncontrolled growth of the materiality of the human spiritual and moral development is blocked . Therefore, in modern times, decent, gentle and graceful progressive mannered man has become a puppet . Decent young generation because the older generation and their all-round development in the race to develop ignored . Divided into two parts, resulting in modern times, society is left . A section where the ‘dynamic’ emerged, while the second class ‘mandarin’ has become . (Since the spiritual world by the Father in spirit under Parameswara, the world is always to maintain the dynamic of the two nations made ​​everything . — — for example, gender, Dev-monster, day and night, Sun moon etc) . Here often “Mandarin” means that, to date, all of the same ethics and define policies that were contrary to the public interest — — action or karma, ‘Akarm is called, since all the scriptures and the Puranas According to human — life is the fruit of pious . God in the universe and the human body for all nations are keen . The biggest feature of the human body, man is to live a life Swchchhandta . For it is not a protest . Evident at the present time different plots of ground-dwelling human race is living separately . While all human beings, but of all human groups have different ways of living and to live this life in spite of all the controllers are unanimous, it is not the ultimate power of natural admission? And if so what the makers of the human obligation toward us now. So we thank him that he could qualify as a human, we chose Leela . But the dignity of character that his charge is always in the hands of playwright . That is to say, the character of the play is that as you can not determine its role in the same way to determine the role of human beings is inflated by his deeds . That is the same kind of man, God, God, is a character in the play composed inflated by controllers . And determine the role of man in the drama was also inflated by a controller, but here it is important that their role be eligible to make a living, so that his memory remains . And the role or character to make a living, had been living in the freedom of man’s life . That man totally formal Kartbyon, inflated by humans should follow; As a result, there are athletic Humanity . And as a human man, what? And how the role should be? So that you can determine Kartbyon . Primitive dimension to present different views about different Mtavlmbiyon inflated by abiding to time to do their own philosophy or literature was presented to human society through . But over time, all these philosophies have lost their Byavharikta, hence their attractiveness in the mirror of time, after a while became clouded, resulting in impaired vision was not that; The world is now direct evidence is also currently serving . Today, at a time when humans first basic requirement that it should be, they should be in the shelter of a culture where the three types of peace and pave the way for the rise of human civilization .

Today, the travesties of the current time in this society and materialism of modern Byapt Chkachondh considered especially important in the fact that, what are the main purpose of human life? What is the philosophy of human life? What man does not adopt such a culture should be the all-time? Vision of superiority to their Mtavlmbiyon should be motivated to move towards the setting up of modern society inflated by almost all types of human philosophy led to the demolition or collapse to occur are inspired . As a result of this human thinking is so fallen man is intent on damaging human society . Civil society is suffering the brunt of the world . It is astonishing that even human, that’s why so indifferent to the welfare of their own? From the above, then this implies that the dignity of human life is always wrong to conduct devoid inspires . Living proof that terrorism and diseases like AIDS is on the verge of being eliminated from the human . Today human fascination is so much more to their physical body that he can not see anything other than his is .Assumed the burden of human social values, because he not only learned to follow the principles of humanity; That has not been taught . All the above at the sensation that the most important fact to consider seriously the primitive dimension to the concept of Vedic culture, which to date has been inflated by the human society, it is in itself so that its outstanding and wondrous, neither his resistance to date no one can neither found . That means to say that the Vedic culture of the ‘best’ culture is privileged over the centuries as the ornate . But ….. Who can defy the natural law? But with time, the situation Desh-kaal also instrumental in its fragmentation, so in course of time, the culture of its core Mtavlmbiyon the ‘superiority’ also became a curse . Why? Several reasons are not pertinent to note here is that the synoptic time and they Desh-kaal ……. — left with the situation, resulting in their upcoming Pidhiyan are still suffering the curse . (Curse is intended to make it clear here that the adoption of any culture or pre-culture of obeying the basic rules of decent conduct has to be followed by disciplined otherwise ………. … a curse, which we are carrying .) as the new generation, inflated by ancestors earned the ‘superiority’ of achievement understand their Vapauti sitting blunder, that he wanted the younger generation to the ancestral traditions of superiority made the test assay shows excellent as . But failure to do so because of the upcoming Pidhiyan are forced to live in the same order itself, and the result has been a new generation parked on two ways (Raaheyan) . And such confusion in the society is still intact . At the present time there is no country in the world in the race to become the best does not cost billions . One obvious reason for such situation is that modern civilization is not even such a school where you taught about human life objectives . That is to say that, to be unfamiliar with the root causes of human life in modern times, the biggest drawback of the human . For as long as humans will not know the root cause of his life, then human life will never achieve perfection . And human life to its fullest extreme in the “superiority” achieves . And the great man “Aryan” is entitled to be called . While Arya systematic (Subyavasthit) human life to become, well-organized and disciplined with serialization cradle-to move in the spiritual environment should not in the custody of materialism . The surprising fact is that currently the human wants to be called Aryan superiority without having earned that which is impossible, not impossible . As evidence of this several times in the literature of Vedic culture is explained by the variety . Thereby making it essential rule to follow-through . Wind generation of materialism and modern plagues such as the medium-rule is the exclusion of important facts in such a situation, how could the human Aryan? And human life is incomplete without Arya made, then we ………….. future generations the legacy of imperfection to perfection by giving their lives are deprived of ?

Here the key question is, what is the difference between religion and spirituality? So the obvious answer is yes . From time immemorial because spirituality is detailed and complete, and always will be . But the righteousness required by the society is changing its nature . For example, common in the modern world, people’s minds is ………….. (Man) is a two-way live .

1. First, they live a life of spiritual laws of the Vedic culture . Vedic rules man not involved in the physical world, and physical achievements are insignificant for him . Therefore, it appears that all of the behavior of human beings are their own or do not own any .

All of us who 2kdusre country, region, village, house, family ties live in chains . Dharmpurwk acquired from the material world and its food and water to feed and others . Here it seems clear that the “religion” of the ethics are Sanhitayen . Has to comply only home, family, state, country, society becomes healthy lifestyle to live otherwise deformed and it is fruitless life . Vedic culture it is the code of conduct . Disciplined process that is decorated with restrained . While the whole world has been saying that, “is the largest religion of humanity,” but practically all their inflated by separate votes as his particular religious communities and have been spread . But all agree the creation of a controller . Why? …….. Because divine spirituality etc., etc., etc. The physical and somatic three is contained in each period . While the “religion” of materialism in particular illustrates etc. . Where spirituality is waking consciousness to the cause of human-life . Praptikar life and objectives that lead to perfection . While learning does not serve any particular religion .Taking into account the above facts, it is important here that the Vedic culture is a religion and not just a scientific life -style . Sources as the practical side of life, which can be outlined . No other culture in the world that is not yet the place to take it, because it is ancient and universal . Yet because the only authentic way to learn about spirituality in the world is . Vedic-culture which is known . Spirituality on earth because if any of the first nutrient that is indisputably certified, “Vedic culture” full discussion of spirituality is able to . Vedic culture because almost a billion, Ninety-five million, ninety eight million, eighty five thousand, one hundred and seventeen years righteousness and life to human society to meet the objectives of the simple solutions that have been guiding the reality . So natural that the ancient culture has created an atmosphere of trust and faith . So Vedic culture has kept himself still cherish so efficiently . What an amazing feat in itself is not that? Yes Vedic culture is so vast and detailed that it has several dimensions, are not necessarily aware of all dimensions . Ultimately, the goal is more important . Therefore, the goal was that the human life is? What is the purpose of human life? Fulfillment of these objectives is possible in this life? And many types are always in front of each man’s question . But the Vedic culture is the only culture with all these questions is able to give evidence in each period . Similar attempts to find answers to questions here have been coming series of articles (Lekhmala) .

Thanks including good wishes .

Author — — -

Digambar Singh

Village — Dheu, P.0- Shahdhar

Tehsil — Rampur Bushahr, District — Shimla, HP .

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