There are many tools that are used in the HDD (Horizontal Direct Drilling) process. They are made to help the entire process easier for the users. At this point, you might be looking to purchase one of these tools, but aren’t sure what they are or what they do. Let’s educate you on some of these tools, their use and how they are applied in the drilling industry. For now, we’ll focus on the Drill pipe, Mix system and Drill rods which are one of the most commonly used tools.

HDD Drill Pipe

The Drill pipe is tubular in shape and is used for industrial purposes. The main use of this drill, which can be guessed by the name, is used to drill into the ground to get to something. The purpose of the drill mostly depends on the industry using it. The oil and gas industry or known as the HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) industry are one of the main users of this equipment as you need to dig deep underground in order to access the oil and gas. Another industry that tends to use this drill is the water well drilling industry.

HDD Mix System

An integral part in the HDD industry, the HDD mix system is what allows for successful drilling to take place. This system contains a drilling fluid that helps keep the hole stabilized and helps extract particles and cuttings from the borehole. The mixing system or mud system as it’s known is usually hooked to a drilling rig and has the function of delivering the fluid to a pump. The mud system is also responsible for mixing the bentonite component that is integral at keeping the walls of the tunnel sealed. The HDD contractor is normally responsible for ascertaining the right kind of mud as well as the proper equipment that will supply the correct amount of fluid into the pump and down hole.

HDD Drill rod

A Drill rod can be defined as a tool steel in an unhardened state. It has both tough and soft material, this gives it an advantage because it can be machined. After machining, the user can have it heat treated and drawn back to the hardness level that the job needs it to be. It can be used without heat treating, if tough steel is all that’s needed. It can be of two types; the oil hardened and water hardened ones. The oil hardened drill rods are ones that are used most due to their durability and ease in wielding and machining. The tools mentioned above are not the only ones involved in HDD, there are a many more, but these are the main ones you can expect to use in every drilling process. The information was put in brief and made as easy to understand as possible, so you need to call and learn more about the products. There’s a lot more to the tools and more understanding is needed if you are to buy/operate the tools.

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