Everything You Need To Know: DIG Vesting, Staking & Exchanges

Dig Chain is nearing launch and its DIG coin has been drumming up a lot of excitement. Holders of the DFY token from DeFi For You, as well as the Blurt community, were airdropped DIG coins as a thank you for their ongoing support to the team that made Dig Chain possible.

Dig Chain will connect to all other chains in the Cosmos ecosystem, making it a valuable asset in the crypto space.


Those who received DIG in the airdrop will have their coins vested for 24 months with a continuous release. This means that the coins will be constantly released, block by block, over a 24 month period.

For example, if you had 24,000 DIG coins in the airdrop, you would get 1,000 DIG per month, or roughly 330 coins per day, which is about 13.75 coins per hour. You would receive a fraction of this amount for every block that is signed, which is roughly every few seconds.


Those who received DIG in the airdrop can still stake their DIG while it’s locked and received 70% APY. In fact, they are encouraged to do so as staking makes for a healthier ecosystem.

The staking rewards are available to claim daily regardless of whether you got DIG in the airdrop or in the seed sale, or later on the secondary market. This means you can have a daily income from DIG, regardless of whether it is locked up or not, and you can farm this DIG in Osmosis and other DEXs to earn more rewards.

Staking will take place in Keplr, where users can Delegate their DIG coins to a validator.

If you bought DIG coins in the seed sale, then you will have instant access to all of your DIG coins. Rewards are claimed into your Keplr or Dig wallet, where they can then be used as you please.


DIG will launch on exchanges in the Cosmos ecosystem, including Osmosis, Gaia, and Emeris. It will be able to swap to any other asset listed on these DEXs, which includes the UST stablecoin, and the EEUR stablecoin, as well as ATOM, OSMO, CRO, AKT, and many others.

You’ll be able to put DIG into liquidity pools on Osmosis and other DEXs to earn daily rewards. These rewards are paid out in OSMO on Osmosis, which can then be traded into ATOM and sold on Binance and other exchanges, or swapped into UST and EEUR and held, or put into new pools, or staked, and so on. There are plenty of ways to boost the economic value of your coins in these ways.

There is substantial economic opportunity in Osmosis and other DEXs in Cosmos. DIG will have pools of its own and these will be pushed to be incentivised to increase APR.

DIG will later launch on a centralized exchange. We’re not certain which exchange DIG will go onto yet, and this is something the community could vote on in the Dig Chain governance ecosystem.

A new economy

Dig Chain will benefit from the forefront of DeFi 2.0 in the Cosmos ecosystem. Interlinked chains and new bridges to the likes of Ethereum, BSC, and other chains in the future will boost the value of this ecosystem even more.



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