DigCitKids: DigCit4KidsByKids for #DigCitWeek

Guest post for #DigCitWeek by @CurranCentral, 5th grader & Chief Kid Officer, CKO of @digcitkids

DigCitKids is a way for kids to highlight all the awesome things kids are doing every single day to share their voice with the world, solve problems and empower other kids to #usetech4good.

How to be a DigCitKid #bethatKINDofkid

Here are some DigCitKids question to ponder during #DigCitWeek: How are you encouraging more student voice and student choice in your classroom and school?

Take the DigCitKids Pledge inspired by President Barack Obama. Answer this question and tag #DigCitKidsPledge online so we can show how kids share their voice with the world. This is how we learn about the world with the world.

Take the DigCitKids Pledge

Take the DigCitKids Monthly Challenge and tag #bethatKINDofneighbor so we can show how kids solve problems in their own communities.

DigCitKids Monthly Challenge

Take a look at your classroom rules and tech policies, how are they phrased? Do they start with don’t? If you see any “Don’t” statements, ask your students to change them to “I WILL” statements so we can help kids empower other kids.


Have your students add their voice to this DigCitKids Flipgrid.

DigCitKids #FlipgridFever

Break the Internet with KINDness and #bethatKINDofkid every single day.


Read One by Kathryn Otoshi this week and invite your students to be the ONE kid who stands up & speaks up. Only ONE kid to make a positive difference.

Inspired by One #BeTheOne

Be a part of the Youth Extravaganza at the 3rd Annual DigCitSummit and help EXPAND the conversation on November 2 & 3, 2017.

#digcitsummit | #bethedigitalchange | #usetech4good

No matter what you do during #DigCitWeek, be sure you include more student voice and student choice. Plus, share your learning with other kids by tagging #DigCitKids.