From the Classroom to the Boardroom: A Recap from the 4th Annual DigCitSummit and Upcoming Announcements

We’d like to thank our #DigCitCommunity around the world for inspiring us at the 4th Annual DigCitSummit last month!

Here’s a Recap of the DigCitSummit

Our conference theme was from the classroom to the boardroom — it’s everyone’s responsibility. Joanne Sweeney-Burke, the CEO of the Digital Training Institute and creator of the Accredited Diploma Public Sector Marketing Pros joined us from Ireland to discuss corporate social responsibility. We have always advocated that digital citizenship needs to be at school, at home and at the work.

ARVRinEDU founder and ISTE author, Jaime Donally helped merge the intersection between emerging technologies and digital citizenship. She hosted an AR Scavenger Hunt and also presented on our from the classroom to the boardroom pane. Here she is talking about empathy in AR with our organizational partner, Experience Real History:

David R. Pollard, the lead organizer for the DigCitSummitIRL shared about the Building Blocks of Inclusion which is at the heart of our inclusive community because what we have learned is that it doesn’t matter where you live, what language you speak, we are one world, one human race.

Another highlights was when Justin McGlamery hosted a Dylan’s Wings of Change session to students joining us virtually from Connecticut, Texas and Mexico. The students modeled what digital citizenship means to us and just as the Monarch butterfly migrates to Mexico in October, the students began their own #ButterflyEffectChallenge journey which will now continue to Canada as we prepare for the 1st DigCitSummitCA in Toronto on October 27th.

None of this would have been possible without our sponsors, so a special shout out of appreciation to our organizational partners, our sponsors and our supporters. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to leading with digital citizenship.

Upcoming Announcements — Join us for #DigCitWeek, October 15–19

10/15 Join our livestream with Dr. Belinha De Abreu, The Role of Media Literacy in Digital Citizenship 6 pm EST
10/16 #DigCitKids Challenge on Go Bubble with Tracy Mercier
10/17 Join us for #ARVRinEDU chat as we discuss the future of digital citizenship and emerging technologies at 9 pm EST | 8 pm CST | 7 pm MST | 6 pm PST
10/18 We’ll be on Periscope at 9:45 am EST at MassCUE for #PassTheScopeEDU
10/19 We’ll be sharing #DigCitWeek resources at MassCUE

To wrap up our DigCitSummit 2018 schedule, we will be heading to Toronto at the end of October for DigCitSummitCA. We hope you’ll join us and register for the 1st DigCitSummit in Canada!

In November, we are hosting our second DigCitSummit in Africa in Cameroon. We love the #DigCitImpact story behind DigCitSummitCM too! As a direct result of DigCitSummitNG, one of the attendees, Franca Sulem Yong was determined to bring the positive digital citizenship movement to Cameroon with a particular focus on the Global Goals. #DigCitSummitCM will unite, celebrate, reward and support Cameroonian youths who have been using social media and technology to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and inspire positive change.


Spotlight — Go Bubble

We want to spotlight a cool FREE tool for your school which focuses on building community for students under 13!

GoBubble is all about building communities and is FREE! It’s packed full of…

  1. Social learning and digital citizenship (eg it rewards the likes you give… not the ones you get)
  2. Project based learning tools (you can create groups with events, tasks and events polls)
  3. Their cutting edge pre-moderation software (so it takes out any bad stuff before it even appears… however you can still see it if there’s a conversation you need to have with a student)
  4. Classrooms already around the World are using it and you and your students can connect with others for real time peer interaction and feedback

All you need to do is go to and join for free. The Go Bubble team will help you create the student accounts for your school and then you’re good to go! Happy Bubbling!

We are looking forward to all the #DigCitWeek posts as we continue to learn with you in 2018 and into 2019 and beyond.

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