DigCitKids: Calling all K-12 students

Third grader, @CurranCentral at TEDxYouthBHS, April 30, 2016

At the age of nine, I started DigCitKids because as an elementary student, I want to bring awareness to digital access. Digital access doesn’t just mean access to technology. Digital access is the ability to connect, collaborate and learn with the world. Unfortunately, I only have digital access at home and the way I learn at home is so drastically different than the way I learn at school. Here’s my message to all school administrators and teachers,

If you want us to learn about the world, we have to learn with the world.
My wish is for digital access for all students everywhere and @DigCitKids is a way to amplify student voice and student leaders in K-12 classrooms.

When I was in the first grade, I started blogging at home as a way to complete traditional assignments in school. I have been a guest blogger for Angela Maiers and have guest moderated chats on Twitter, presented at #DigCitSummitUK, Global Maker Day, TEDxYouthBHS and I’m only nine years old.

Despite all these accomplishments, no one at my own school has asked me how I would like to learn, so please join me in building a global network of K-12 #DigCitKids student ambassadors because I am determined to highlight student voice and student leaders who use technology and social media in positive and practical ways both in and out of the classroom.

Watch this space for #DigCitKids guest bloggers, highlights from the monthly challenges and amazing student stories! ~ @CurranCentral

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