February #DigCitKidsChallenge: Balance

Tomorrow is National Day of Unplugging and next week is Safer Internet Day and we felt that the challenge for February should be balance.

Some questions to consider:

  1. How do you balance being on and offline?
  2. How do you reboot by unplugging? The national #unplug day is March 3–4 from sundown to sundown.
  3. When it comes to safety, lots of adults tell us what not to do and what to avoid, but where’s the balance? How can we be safe online and still focus on the positive? Look at your classroom rules about being online and change the “I Will Not” and “Don’t” statements to “I Will” and “Do” statements.
  4. There’s a lot of different versions of news. What tools can we use to investigate what is real and what is fake? How can we balance and navigate online sources? (Look at this collection curated by Nancy Watson).
  5. There’s also a lot of talk about politics and people are behaving badly online. What happened to civility and balance? Use this list and Twitter list (curated by EdTech Stories) to connect and engage with politicians from your state to engage in issues that matter to you.

Digital citizenship has never been more important than right now.

We hope you’ll join us this month as we are mindful to balance (not juggle) being on and offline. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and see them unfold during the #DigKidsChallenge this month!

— Marialice and Curran (The @CurranCentral Team)