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Feb 12 · 7 min read

Today the public beta goes live for DIG for IT, the highly anticipated game built using Unity3D on the TRON blockchain. DIG for IT is part of the new generation of blockchain games being released, with evolved graphics and beautiful gameplay. DIG for IT is a gaming platform that utilises provably fair technology to generate results that cannot be manipulated and can be checked at any time by the player.

What is DIG for IT?

DIG for IT is a gaming platform that will host an array of unique games not seen elsewhere in the blockchain space, with “Lucky DIG” being the first game released. Each game will reward players with a variety of tokens including TRX, SCC and DIG tokens.

Lucky DIG —

Lucky DIG is the first game on DIG for IT and is centred around digging up tiles on a map to uncover a randomly allocated reward and a coloured gem. Each coloured gem correlates to a chest with a prize in in. You must collect enough gems to satisfy the criteria to open the chest and obtain the reward.

There are 3 different sizes of map, each with their own rewards and tools able to be used to dig up the map. Tools cost more to use, due to the number of tiles they are able to destroy, however they make clearing the map much easier to do and make mining rewards more efficient.

The possible rewards available are displayed on the side of the map and the game will tell you immediately when you have won any. Not all prizes will be available on all maps, this is where luck and probability come in. All reward tokens will be credited to your bank address when won.

DIG tokens are among the most commonly rewarded tokens and are client sided rewards that are not available on the blockchain. DIG tokens are required to utilise the games on the DIG for IT platform and can be purchased from the store using TRX prior to playing. 1 DIG is equivalent to 1 TRX within the platform, however the primary use is to reduce the amount of bandwidth and energy required to operate DIG for IT, which makes our platform economical and scalable for a lot of potential players.

Leveling Up

In DIG for IT, player profiles are able to achieve different levels. Levels require EXP points to obtain the different tiers and each tier gives the player more status within the platform and also gives them a higher rate of mining SCC per DIG, which makes a big difference if you are a higher volume player.

Levels do reduce over time if the account hasn’t been active so it’s important to continue to play to maintain you level!

SCC Auctions

Every 15 minutes an auction will start. 1% of all platform bets will go towards the prize pool for the auction, which is rewarded in DIG. You must bet SCC and be one of the highest bidders to win the prize pool.

All SCC bet on the auction will be BURNED automatically and cannot re-enter circulating supply. This is one mechanism by which players can use their SCC winnings to to play the platform further, or buy SCC from the open market to bet in order to obtain a cheaper way to play the games within the platform (for example, if SCC is 5 TRX each, the prize pool is 600 DIG and you win with a bid of 1 SCC, you have just recieved 600 DIG worth of playing for 5 TRX). We expect each auction to have a winner, and if there isn’t then the prize pool from the last auction is not rolled over to the next one.

DIG for IT leaderboard

The DIG for IT platform has a leaderboard function programmed in which calculates the highest volume players across the entire platform and ranks them from 1 to 10. Each player who has achieved a position on the leaderboard will earn a portion of the prize pool, which is also paid out in DIG.

Leaderboards reset every 12 hours, giving players from around the world the ability to be competitive in their respective timezones. Each time a leaderboard is won, the prize pool is reset and is refilled using a % of the profits from the whole platform.

Platform stats

There is a “stats” tab within the DIG for IT platform that the player can use to review current stats of the entire platform. Stats displayed include how much volume of TRX is put through all games, how much TRX, SCC and DIG has been won across all players and how many of each map has been played.

SCC Token

The more rare and valuable token within the game is the SCC token. Its release into circulation is tightly controlled and the mining rate of SCC will be variable from player to player. Unlike with other platforms available on TRON, where X amount of TRX will mine Y amount of token, SCC does not have a flat mining rate. The average mining rate will be between 500–1000 TRX of volume to mine 1 SCC, however the individual mining rate will be different from player to player.

SCC tokens are an on-chain cryptocurrency that can be traded from player to player. Players who wish to sell their SCC on an exchange may do so freely, however players must be aware that DIG for IT will perform regular buy backs of the SCC token from exchanges in order to support token price and provide a regular buyer to those wishing to sell.

DIG for IT will buy back SCC tokens at whatever the lowest sell order is on the exchange, so in this way SELLERS SET THE PRICE OF SCC. If the lowest sell order is 100 TRX, this becomes the new price of SCC that DIG will pay per unit. If a seller is happy to sell for 7 TRX, this is the price that DIG will pay per unit.

The benefit of the lower price at the buy back is that we can burn a higher volume of the token and quickly reduce circulating supply. The benefit of a higher price is that token holders will get more TRX back for their SCC holdings. Both scenarios are great for those who hold SCC and make holding SCC worthwhile.

More information on the buy back can be found here:

How the public beta works

The public beta is playable with test tokens only. No real TRX will leave your wallet and you must request the TEST-TRX from the faucet in the bank. All tokens won in the platform are also test tokens. This is to show you how we expect the platform to run and to give you the opportunity to create volume to test our server load.

The platform is optimised for PC currently, you might be able to get mobile to work but the mobile version is only provisional. We will be working to optimise mobile through the browser over time and have partnered with TronWallet in order to make it accessible through their mobile app eventually.

Thats it for our quick summary of everything DIG for IT has to offer in the public beta, we hope you have a fun time playing.

Don’t forget to DIG FOR IT!

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Main Telegram: https://t.me/DIGforIT
Play Telegram: https://t.me/PLAYforIT
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DIGforITGameHub
Website: https://digforit.win
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrU-z6WPnTGgDOMI1ewx_3g
dlive: https://dlive.tv/DIGforITOfficial
vimeo: https://vimeo.com/digforitofficial

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DIG for IT

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“DIG for IT” Game Hub will be a platform that utilizes the TRON Blockchain. The games provided will be centered around playing to mine valuable tokens.

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