DIG for IT strives to make every effort to advance our decentralized game and gain adoption from those who are not yet exposed to the cryptocurrency space. We know that the TRON foundation shares that sentiment and wants more people to earn tron playing games.

Earlier this year, TRON foundation…

Less than a week ago, we launched the DIG for IT platform after 3 separate beta tests. Throughout the beta testing we were focused on releasing a polished platform that was bug free and the quality of platform we wanted to release.

We were successful in that respect, as we…

We are please to announce our first buyback!

Yesterday we performed our first market buyback! The platform generated a profit of 500,000 TRX in its first week, from a volume of 8,300,000 TRX in bets!

There were a total of:
- 12,900 bets placed on “10x10” maps
- 29,200 bets placed on “5x5” maps played
- 15,000 bets placed on “3x3”…

Today is the official full release launch of DIG for IT, the newest gaming platform to hit TRON! Over the last 2 days, we have been running our public beta with a lot of success. Our servers held up under the load of the players we had and the mechanisms…

DIG for IT will be going live for public beta on Wednesday 12 February, and then will be fully released on Friday 14th February!

The public beta on Wednesday 12th February will be just like the current closed beta of the platform. It will utilise test tokens only and you wont have to use any of your own funds to participate. We expect EVERYONE to participate in this as there will be no need…

DIG for IT

“DIG for IT” Game Hub will be a platform that utilizes the TRON Blockchain. The games provided will be centered around playing to mine valuable tokens.

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