How 17% Changed My Life…

I am your everyday 30 year-old male that has watched his life go by way too fast. It was just yesterday I was playing basketball in the backyard with my brother. I am now married, own a home and am the proud father of my 14 month-old boy. He has changed my life so much and has sped up my maturation process.

I work a regular 7am to 4pm job and, like most my age, time is of the essence. I see him for an hour in the morning when we are getting ready for work and getting him ready for daycare. I also see him for about three hours at night after I pick him up from daycare and before he goes to bed. Thats a total of 20 out of 120 hours during weekdays. And that’s all depending on if I’m coaching or we go out to dinner or anything else associated with life.

This 17% that I am talking about is the best spent time of my life. During that small percentage of time, my heart is completely captured by a child that knows nothing but joy and love. We read, play trucks, chase each other, and laugh 98% of the time. He thinks I am the coolest in every way shape and form but little does he know, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

When he looks at me with those dark brown eyes, he doesn’t care if I’ve put on extra weight. He doesn’t care about our financial situation. He doesn’t want me to be something I’m not. He just wants me to be me, his Dad.

I will never be able to tell him or show him truly how much I love him. I hope he understands that while he is on his journey to becoming a man, I will be holding on to the times when he was my little boy and the memories we created during that 17%.

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