10 Things You Have to Recognize about MNP

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service can be to be had nationwide from January 20, 2010. MNP allows a cellular phone subscriber to migrate from one service provider to some other while not having to exchange his/her mobile number. It become a much awaited services, international locations like U.S. have portability services for local landline phones as well.

MNP is going to be a boon for lot of folks who are not satisfied with their current service provider. With the help of MNP you want not worry approximately updating your friends and associates along with your new number.

Method for Porting Mobile Number:

Send an SMS: PORT<space>Mobile Number (that is to be ported) to 1900 for e.g. PORT 9948012345

You’ll without delay receive a message out of your current operator with 8 digit alpha-numeric porting code. You want to fill in this code while you get a new SIM from the new operator. After it’s far validated you could start the use of services from the new operator (This code will stay legitimate most effective for twenty-four hours). New operator will pass your number after consulting with your existing operator. This technique may take most of four days.

FAQs associated with MNP Services:

How long does it take for porting number from one operator to some other? Porting time may be generally among 24hours to four days.

How plenty will it cost for Porting to any other operator? As according to TRAI guidelines, network Operator can charge a maximum of Rs. 19 for porting more than a few.

Who can avail MNP service? Any customer whose cellular number is older than 90 days can avail this facility. For you to switch over again he/she need to wait for another ninety days.

Will my number continue to be inactive/dead all through the switch/porting manner? The porting manner will take region at some point of 10pm to 5am IST. The range will stay inactive/dead for 2 hours at some stage in those timings.

Can a post-paid number be migrated to some other operator with prepaid services or vice-versa? Sure, that can be performed if you clear off all your pending dues with current operator.

What about my prepaid balance? Will it be carried forward to new operator? Unfortunately the answer isn’t any. Your existing balance will not be carried ahead to the new operator.

Can I port my range from one state to another? No! For now, you can only switch within your existing state. For e.g. you have got a Rajasthan number and want to port to Gujarat wide variety, it isn’t feasible.

I’ve a CDMA phone, can I switch to GSM operator or vice versa? Yes! That is every other terrific function of MNP provider. You could migrate from CDMA to GSM and vice-versa.

Can I shift my landline number to a mobile number? This facility isn’t always available at present for the reason that Indian government has launched MNP most effective for cell phone customers. It’s far feasible in international locations like U.S., we can count on it in near destiny.

Are there any gives from the operator I’m porting my number to? MNP is actually going to herald a huge trade in the Indian Telecom marketplace. All community providers are certainly going to offer some freebies as a way to trap the customers.

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