The reasonable response to Open Carry

Inspired by a post by a philosophy professor titled “How should people respond to open carry” I got into it on Twitter in a way I normally try to avoid.

Yesterday (back in July when I first wrote this post!) I came across a funny Open Carry protest. In Austin, women are allowed to bare their breasts. It’s not a common thing, but it’s legal. Just like it’s legal to open carry. And so two women protested open carry by parading around and showing their boobs.

Conservative pundit Dana Loesch thought it was “gross.”

I thought that was exactly the point.

If you want to observe the back-and-forth that followed here’s the link that will get you most of the Twitter thread.

Debates on Twitter are, in my opinion, pretty pointless. 140 characters is never enough for nuance and it’s easy to strip your interlocutor of humanity. The evidence of this was clear when I was called a “libtard” by a third party Twitter observer as his first comment.

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