Pokemon released an official Pikachu ASMR video and it’s… something As reported by cnet,

Pika pika.


Sometimes in life you get what you want. That’s fine. That’s good. But then there are the truly magical moments: When you get something incredible you didn’t even know you wanted.

Like an extremely well-produced, 15 minute long Pikachu ASMR video released on the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

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Is this heaven?

ASMR stands for “Autonomous sensory meridian response”, but really when we talk about ASMR we’re talking about the gigantic, massively growing genre of videos on YouTube designed to elicit an ASMR response — a low grade euphoria, tingling sensations, etc triggered by audio.

And look — who among us doesn’t love the sound of Pikachu running around a carpeted living space, saying “pika pika” over and over. If anything Pikachu invented ASMR.

Personally, I want a Bulbasaur ASMR video now.

Source link: cnet References: https://tinyurl.com/ya8fnwez #asmr #official #pikachu #pokemon #released #video




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