Android N and All You Need to Know About it!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa ‘Google’ Claus is here. Get ready for the gifts you have been waiting for the whole year. As promised in Google I/O 2016, Android 7.0 is here. As one could guess, it is named after another sweet, Nougat. So what does Android Nougat or N holds for all of us? Here is our guide, which will spill the beans around this Android version.

  • Aesthetics- If you are someone, who judges a software by the enhancements in looks and cosmetics then we have a bad news for you. Android N does not look much different than its predecessors. But that does not mean you won’t get any new features. It has many tricks up its sleeves to make you happy. It has added exciting new “emoticons” that you will love for sure. Android N boasts of up to 1500 emoticons with 72 new emoticons added.
  • Updating is neat and faster- It is one of the major features that is a real add on to the Android N. Google has borrowed seamless background device updating from its own Chrome OS. Users don’t have to leave their apps and tasks just to update their devices. It is a major feature as until now users had to deal with a black screen while software is updating which sometimes can take up to an hour. So here’s to seamless updating of your next software package.
  • Multi-windows multitasking- Now this one is my personal favourite. Google must admit that it has kept it due for way too long. Every time you are listening to music on YouTube and suddenly you get a WhatsApp message from your friend that you can’t resist replying, you had to leave YouTube and reply and then again play it back. Pretty irritating, right? Though it took a little too long, but finally Google has tapped this pain point of its customers. They present this multi window multi-tasking feature which breaks your screen into 2 parts to run two applications simultaneously, is really something we can dig for. Though we have seen it in Samsung high end phones a long ago, but it is for the first time it is integrated into OS itself.
  • Battery Saviour- With Google’s Project Doze, it is finally the time when Operating Systems have taken the pledge to become your battery saviour especially when screens are getting bigger in size and eating your battery up. With Project Doze debuted in Marshmallow version, Google cut the battery consumption by the phone when you are not using your phone. It blocks all those services running in the background, which you don’t need or intend to use. With Android N, the game has just got better and you will find your phone faster and better performing.
  • Language and locale- Like I said, the game has just got better. Say you have set up your phone for a specific region of Spain, then Android N will try its best to show you services in your language only, as much as it can. That means instead of dealing with the apps in their native language you can use most of them in your native language.

These are just a few of many other exciting features that Android N is coming with. The notification area has just got more interactive, Android TV recording, Android for work are some other features that Google is offering with Android N. We suggest you to keep in touch for further news on this by

  • P.S.- LG V 20 is the first phone coming with Android N. (Source