Future-proof your business using digital technology

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The boiling frog analogy

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses should learn a lesson or two on a boiling frog. When a frog sits on a slowly boiling water, it won’t notice that the water is heating till it’s too late for it to get out and save itself. Most businesses are like that, they don’t notice the changes happening, till it’s too late for them to adapt and survive.

Now is the time for businesses to be more pre-emptive on what’s about to happen. Change is prerogative but it happens gradually. They must have the eyes on the bigger picture. They must learn how to adapt and be innovative.

All Eyes on Innovation

Being innovative also means being customer-focused. Customers will always be the bloodline of any business. Admit it, most businesses fail because they don’t invest time in understanding what their customer wants and predict their future needs. They should be the heart of any business innovation.

Digile LTD’s proven innovation model

It is also important that the innovation you will do will make a ripple effect on your business’ target goals. Whether be it customers, revenue, or productivity, your innovation must make a lasting impact. Innovation also ties up with improving one’s business approach or process. This means finding out your business’ weakness and use it to your advantage.

Addressing your weaknesses

To identify your business’ weakness, you need to distinguish whether is it about your business or is it about your customers. If you think your target market holds your business back, exert effort on either finding more leads or target qualified customers. If you think the weakness lies on your business processes, think about ways on how you can improve your production, manufacturing, and other repetitive tasks. Take some cues from your customers by reviewing their comments and reviews about your service.

Automation is the key

Speaking of which, you might consider automating repetitive tasks within your business. The best examples would be customer service, lead generation, job orders, which can be automated using a reliable CRM system. Automation can lead your business to greater heights, with fast and proactive approach.

The Recap: How to future-prep your business?

  1. Establish your business’ vision and find out what will be the role of digital technology in your business strategy.
  2. Find out your customer’s pain points and from there, draw the possible weak points in your business. You can enlist your customer service to determine this.
  3. Identify your production and back office bottlenecks. See if you can address it using automation.
  4. Accept failures as challenges to improve your product.
  5. Initiate small digital action or step that you believe can make a big impact today.

In other words, don’t be afraid to challenge what’s already there. Try to rethink possible futures within your business and your market share.