Today, the Digi Penguins NFT collection is being integrated into the DigiNation platform.

You may now enter the games as your Digi Penguins.

Follow the steps on this page to log in and start playing with your pengu!

We will continue to update the animations for all pengus in the next days, with a fully animated version due on October 22nd.

First Login Rewards,

  • Digi Penguin bound and logged in before UTC1300 on October 22nd will receive 1,000 Soul Bound Credit.
  • Digi Penguin bound and logged in after UTC1300 on October 22nd will receive 300 Soul Bound Credit.

If you don’t have a Digi Penguin now, go ahead to mint one now, the public mint is still open.



We are excited to announce a new relationship between DigiNation and Anonymice, an innovative NFT project with a thriving community. As DigiNation recently introduced its mobile game, Anonymice holders will soon be able to log in and play any DigiNation-powered game utilizing a 3D playable Anonymice.

About DigiNation

DigiNation is a metaverse game platform that connects the Web3 and Web2 communities. DigiNation is a team with extensive game creation experience, supported by a number of notable Web3 investors, and intends to expand the Web3 ecosystem with its unique game development capabilities and Web2 user base.

About Anonymice

Anonymice are known as being one of the first PFPs to be generated and stored on chain using nothing but code. Innovative contracts include the first tokenised mint, first on chain breeding incubators and first on chain soulbound collector cards and unlockable badges.



We are pleased to announce that DigiNation and Dreamboat Capital have entered a partnership together!

Dreamboat Capital is a blockchain venture company that bridges good projects to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it has the vision to educate and empower the community in Asia.

We look forward to working with them and we…