Stop Trying To Figure Out Life
Darius Foroux

At 39 and leading a very unconventional yet rewarding life thus far, I feel in a good position to advise others not to rush in and grab life by the nuts just because you’re assuming everyone is living their dream and you have fomo. In contrast to this article, think about the Buddhist joke “don’t just do something, sit there”. So many people I know have been in a rush to fulfil their dream only to find out their dream is merely a temporary construct based on their emotions at the time. Five years later they openly and deeply resent that choice.

We’re obsessed in productivity, multi tasking and achievement in this crazy modern life, the lost art of relaxation and self analysis has become a negative with people assuming you’re wasting your life. Take your time, you only get one life, and remember it’s ok to smell the roses as long as you’re actively working towards implementing a life goal.