Your Problem Will Never Go Away Until You Deal With It
Darius Foroux

Really enjoyed this article. Easier said than done though.

From a personal POV with repeated results, the best way to go about dealing with my proverbial shit, is to believe that:

The stress and anger I feel (which becomes the problem itself) is the manifestation of an alternative reality that doesn’t exist.

Sounds a bit out there but face the fact that everything is exactly as it should be. Problems big and small are meant to be. If things/life were supposed to be different, then that reality would exist in its place. But it didn’t does it? What are we going to do? Wish that life was different? That sounds like a while lot of anxiety and pain to me.

stress is the pain you feel when you desire an alternative reality that doesn’t exist.

As soon as you accept your current situation as unchangeable then you’ll be better equipped to deal with:

  1. Changing your internal dialogue
  2. Influencing your external actions with optimal results.

Accept that life is suffering. Accept that things are not going to go your way most days. Don’t be the fool that wakes up each morning and kids themselves that “I’m going to rock my day” only to be stressed out when the daily problems start landing in your lap. Accept those problems with optimism and when they arise, you’ll know they’re the only reality being played out and you’ll be in much better shape to accept the situation and problems that arise.