Dr. Rami Radwan- DIGIPHARM Clinician Relations

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This week saw the annual conference of the Association of Coloproctology Great Britain & Ireland take place in Birmingham, UK. It is an international surgical event attended by all specialities of healthcare professionals focused on delivering the very best care for their patients. It is also an event that attracts the very best in MedTech companies from across the world. It was a pleasure to attend not only as a surgeon myself, but as a proud member of the DIGIPHARM team.

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide. Operating on these patients is not only costly, but technically challenging. To help with these challenges, laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery with the use of specially designed surgical devices has seen considerable growth over the last 30 years. It is for this reason that coloproctology as a speciality remains at the forefront of medical device manufacturers and their products. …

Dr. Hasham Al-Meshhedani- Patient Engagement at DIGIPHARM

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Aneurin Bevan

We in the UK are incredibly proud of our health service. This is especially the case in Wales, where we are also proud to say that Aneurin Bevan, the founding father of the NHS, was born and raised here. At the time when he established the national health service he wanted a service that was free-to-all at the point of need, regardless of wealth. …

With great pleasure, the DIGIPHARM team presents our new token sale website for participants of our token sale, and blockchain enthusiasts interested in learning more about our next generation platforms.

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Visit Digipharm.io to register for our presale

For our earliest supporters, we are even offering a 30% bonus on all DPH tokens purchased.

Alongside our brand new website, we have released an updated version of our whitepaper with additional details and information about how DIGIPHARM will significantly change the healthcare economy on a global scale.

Digipharm.io will provide a secure portal for DIGIPHARM supporters to register and participate in the sale and be the first to benefit from the 30% bonus when buying tokens. …



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