Civic Tech as a Tween
Cyd Harrell

Cyd — I made a bunch of comments in-line about some specific points, but I failed to lead with praise. This is a great post! There’s so much more here that jibes with what I understand of the history of the past decade than not, and fantastic series of points and observations about what’s next that will enlighten many people, both old and new to the expanding field you have both described and contributed to over the years. I do agree with what Micah has written with respect to earlier precursors, the role and influence of Sunlight a decade ago, and, perhaps most notably, the differences in values, goals and approaches of various constituencies that have tried to use modern technology for civic good, from campaigns to government agencies to journalists to libraries to activists to tech startups. There’s plenty of room in the big tent of this nebulous term, as there was for “government 2.0” many years ago. I hope that we can all keep learning from one another.

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