#digirockstars Y-Kampus workshop

On April 17th students from Y-Kampus will get a chance to attend our Lean Workshop.

From students hungry to create the next startup unicorn to those with a vague idea or no idea at all, all participants will learn to determine if a concept has a market and is worth pursuing, how to extract the right information from users and how to acquire their first paying customers.

Y-Kampus Kauppi is a multi-purpose learning space within TAMK’s main campus where students can learn about entrepreneurship with a learning-by-doing approach which is of course music for our ears :)

#digirockstars is a Lean VC fund that helps pre-seed founders turn ideas into startups through rigorous testing and by providing simple and concrete ways to acquire customers.

For more information about the program and registration, check out this link.

Samuli Argillander
CEO #digirockstars
+358 40 500 7680

Leena Eerola
Entrepreneurship studies and coaching, business idea sparring
+358 50 592 5105

Photo: Jonne Renvall

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