App Marketing Tips from Expert Marketers

After releasing your app, it’s time to promote it. For large app development agencies, they can assign this task to their marketing department. Medium-sized app developers often have at least one person on staff who can take care of their marketing. When you’re a first-time developer or a small app development company though you don’t often have people on staff who have expertise in marketing. This can make the process a lot more difficult. That’s why we’ve talked to top experts in the app marketing industry for their advice on the best way to market a new app.

Four Tips from Pro App Marketing

Charles Ejoga is the account director at Pro App Marketing, and he offered us three great pieces of advice for an app marketing campaign. His first pearl of wisdom is really spending a lot of time identifying what makes your app unique. He says, “This should be the core part of your marketing message.”

His next piece of advice he feels is obvious but often overlooked. He strongly recommends you, “put the same amount of effort into marketing your app as you have done developing it.” He recounts numerous experiences in which app developers come to him after investing a lot of time and resources into developing their latest app, but for some reason, they haven’t invested the same amount into marketing it. Then they wonder why no one is downloading it. Unfortunately, “most developers only realize this when it is too late.” Don’t let this be your downfall. Begin marketing your app as soon as it’s released and continue an aggressive campaign as long as you need downloads.

Ejoga also points out that although your ultimate goal is to get downloads, you need to create a more focused marketing strategy. Consider what you are actually trying to achieve at this time in your campaign. Are you trying to get a top ten ranking? Do you want to build up user reviews? Are you looking for a strong ROI? Each of these goals requires a different strategy, and you need to “tailor your activities to fit.”

If you have limited resources and knowledge when it comes to marketing, Ejoga recommends scouring the internet for them. There are plenty of app marketing blogs out there that offer great advice. You can also find tutorial videos for beginners and comprehensive eBooks, some of which are even free. There are also a variety of app marketing tools, like SocialPilot for instance, that can make the job of marketing your app much easier.

Expert Advice from OnTheMob

Roy Povarchik is the marketing manager at OnTheMob, and he insists that before you even worry about your marketing campaign, you need to

Concentrate on creating a really great app which people actually need and will really enjoy using.

If you haven’t achieved this to begin with, then a marketing campaign just won’t help. Your app must have unique features that give actual value to users. If you’re confident your app has this, then you’ll be much more likely to receive the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising from your users. This can be the catalyst for making your app go viral and you might even get some organic promotions from the app stores.

After creating a great app, the next step is to develop a community within your target audience. This means “getting in touch with your potential app users,” Povarchik says. This is easily achieved by commenting or advertising on relevant forums, building a social media fan base, and spreading the word on industry blogs. You’ll want to start building this audience before your app is even released. If you don’t want to deal with entering the same information in all of these places over and over again, consider using SocialPilot’s app marketing feature. You simply enter your information once, and it populates the fields of several social media platforms for you. It will even give you suggested posts.

Want to know where the real magic happens? According to Povarchik, it’s all in the ad buying and analytics. “The combination of smart media buying and great analytics will make sure your app gets the right exposure, downloads, and loyal users in the most cost effective way.” First of all, this means purchasing the right kind of media ad on the best possible mobile ad network. Take the time to research the audience each ad network targets and choose the one that fits your user base the best. You’ll also want to consider the analytics. Analytics let you know how many impressions your ad gets, and can even let you know how many are clicking on it. You can then adjust your campaign as needed based on this information. If you do this correctly, you’ll be able to reach “a critical mass of potential users faster.”

Povarchik’s last piece of advice is to hire a marketing expert. Although there are resources out there that can help you get started, if you’re not a marketer, you’re probably not going to achieve the same results an expert could. An app marketer already understands the industry, knows how to get on the right ad networks, and can design the best possible mobile strategy. Having an expert on board will increase your chances of having a successful app.

More Recommendations from Dot Com Infoway

CR Venkatesh is the CEO of Dot Com Infoway. He understands that developing a great app is difficult, and marketing it is even more difficult, but there are ways to make the process easier. He says the first place to start is to “give your app a name that describes the function of the app within itself.” This will help with app store optimization and will generate clicks as users will better understand that your app has what they need. With an informative name and a great icon, you can visitors to click on your app for more information. Once you’ve got them on your app page, it’s important to “showcase your app to users by creating a catchy trailer that includes helpful screenshots and catchy descriptions.” This section needs to convince the visitors to download and become users.

Once your app has all of these important pieces and you’ve published it in app stores, it’s time to spread the word. Venkatesh recommends using every possible avenue of social media and submitting “your app to as many app review sites as possible.” This will give you better visibility in the app marketplace. If you need a way to save time, use an app marketing or post automation tool that can do some of the heavy lifting for you. You’ll need to work on an app website yourself though, so be sure to invest a good amount of time creating attractive landing pages with lots of promotional messaging.

There are a lot more experts you could learn from and much more app marketing advice out there, but the recommendations from these app marketers should at least give you a good start towards establishing a great campaign. If you have more questions, don’t be afraid to comment below. Then let us know how your app marketing campaign is going!