Over time, we’ve learned that we do need to support a mobile app. The mobile web has evolved to be decent for consumption, but there are obvious missing pieces for producing content on a mobile over the web.
How we built Known
Ben Werdmuller

I agree. The absence of a mobile app is what has held me back from deploying Known more widely in my Higher Ed role. It is really is a great web platform, but the proliferation of mobile on campus means we need a publishing platform that maximises our use of mobile devices for content creation, not just consumption. As Ben Werdmuller indicated images & video are a problem for mobile submission via web interfaces, but perhaps most frustratingly a lack of “draft” function is also a particular annoyance that is lacking with most web based postings on mobile.

Finally, (in the UK at least) we still do not have a cellular data structure that guarantees access to the web from mobile devices at all times. Particularly when travelling an app allows for offline creation then submission to the platform once web access is available.

I am a very BIG fan of Known and it deserves to be more well “known” than perhaps it currently is. I hope that some of the developments hinted at in Ben’s post will help it to thrive.