Getting Started Guide for VulcanDex

4 min readOct 2, 2021


Step 1: MyForge account (Optional)

To get started, it’s best to use an address associated with your MyForge wallet from VulcanForged. You can use any polygon address you please, but to participate in NFT farms as a liquidity provider, or conveniently use assets with both your Myforge Wallet and the Dex, you should use your address from there.

Register your MyForge account >here< if you don’t have one.

Next we will need to export the wallet address’s keystore JSON. It is encrypted with your MyForge password.

Step 2: Import your MyForge address with Metamask (Optional)

You will need to install Metamask.

Install Instructions >here<

Then you will need to import your address linked with your MyForge account, into Metamask

Instructions on how to import a keystore JSON >here<

Step 3: Configure Metamask

You will now need to configure Metamask to view your address and assets on the Polygon Network in your Network settings within Metamask

Detailed instructions can be found >here<

Next, you will need to add PYR and LAVA as a custom token for Metamask to list them on the front of the Assets section

PYR on Ethereum network:


PYR on Polygon network:


LAVA on Polygon network:


Paste the token contract address and the rest of the details will populate.

Detailed instructions can be found >here<

Step 4: Bridge your assets from Ethereum over to Polygon

If you have assets on Ethereum network that you would like to use on VulcanDex, you will need to bridge them to Polygon network.

You can access and use the bridge with Metamask at

Step 5: Connect Metamask with VulcanDex

Click any of the connect wallet buttons to authorize Metamask to share your balances with VulcanDex

Step 6: Add Liquidity and recieve LP tokens

On the pool page you will be able to manage your existing positions in Liquidity Pools, or add liquidity if you haven’t already.

LP tokens will be minted to your address to represent the proportional share of your position in the Liquidity Pool

The Liquidity Pool as a whole earns .2% from every swap that occurs, thus adding to the value of the LP tokens and the amount of tokens in the pool they represent.

Step 7: LP Farming

There are 2 types of LP Farms soon to be released.

NFT Farms, and Reward Pools

When participating in an NFT Farm, make sure you stake LP tokens from your wallet address that is also linked with your MyForge account!!!

I can not stress this enough. You want your NFT that you have farmed, after locking up your LP tokens for an extended period of time, to arrive and be accessible in your Myforge account without any further hassle!!!

After completing an NFT farm, the NFT reward will be deposited and made available to you, through which you can see it in your assets page within MyForge.

When participating in a Reward Pool, the earned tokens will be sent to your address that you used to lock up your LP tokens.

Different farms will appear on a regular basis. With different LP token requirements to participate, different lengths of time for the lock-up, and different rewards

Keep an eye out for these farms! As they will be exclusive to only VulcanDex Liquidity Providers.