The Procedures for a Successful Website And Development

We have all heard this about a website that “a website is a store that will be open 24*7 and would not need any salesperson to sell your products”. However, we all know some person who has a website but is facing many issues in selling his/her products or services through the website and on the other hand makes a decent amount of money through physical store. What people fail to understand is that many factors need to be calculated and thought in order to make your website successful. In the following article, we will talk about the many factors to look into while making your E-commerce debut.

Design of the website:

The most important part of a website is its design. The look and feel of your website decides whether your products would sell or not. If the customers who come to your website and do not like the design of your website then making a sale through your website would be difficult. You could offer the best price on the products it still would be difficult to make a sale.

What can you do to get your perfect design of your website?

First: The colour pattern of your website should complement the type of products you sell and should be as simple as possible.

Second: Functionality is the most essential part of the design. If you have placed a button it should work properly and should function properly. All the banners have to be connected with the designated page.

The loading time of the website:

The loading time of the website is another factor why customers often leave the site without making a purchase or an enquiry. If your website takes too long to load the customers will obviously leave because you are not the only one who is selling products on the internet. You have to keep a check of the loading time generally the loading time for an e-commerce website should be from 3.5 seconds to 7 seconds. In case of loading time the lower the better.

You can reduce the loading time by:

Optimizing the size of the photos: The speed of your website is bound to get slow if you have used very many photos and have not optimized it properly. You can either optimize the photos or buy a more expensive hosting. Thee better option is to optimize them

Remove the unwanted items from your website:

Remove all the unwanted items from your website and save some space, it has two affects; one it frees some space in RAM and makes your website a little faster.

Two it saves you storage space so you can use when required

Digital Marketing:

Every brand needs marketing from biggest of the brands to the startups. If you are new to the scene of website development and you are not a brand as NIKE or Adidas then believe us you need marketing to sell your products and bring your website in the limelight. Now we are not getting into the details of how marketing is done and why you should invest in it. Rather we will just inform you about the main sections of digital marketing

1. Search engine marketing: Search engine marketing or search engine optimization is all about bringing your website at a good position in different search engines namely Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

2. Social Media Optimization: Advertising your brand on different social media platforms and informing people about your brand. The biggest social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, LinkedIn, Google plus

3. Content Marketing: Today everything is about content and everything is linked to it. Every website should carry its unique content and if your website has that, it will reach the audience. Social media optimization and search engine marketing depends on quality content

4. Graphic Support: People buy what their eyes like. Digital marketing agency in India will provide you with very appealing visual content which will intrigue the customer into checking your website at least once.

The above were some of the most essentials pointers to keep in mind if you are looking forward to developing your e-commerce website and ensuring that it earns you profit and make your brand the epitome of success. You also have on great option you can reach out to us on and we will do everything for you.