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Live Streaming- The Future of Social Media

Since the past couple of years, everybody is fascinated about going ‘live’ and seeking massive social media exposure. Updates or notifications on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer us real-time happenings taking place around the world. Social media live streaming is an exclusive opportunity that takes us far ahead to it! Trending stories on social media feeds are evident in attaining huge viewership by the followers. However, the actual usage of leveraging the business benefits of social media stream videos is still in the stage of infancy in India. Capturing short videos or visual snippets on a smartphone and uploading a live story could be the most fundamental aspect of live video streaming. But, corporate organizations can make use of this new form of broadcasting technology to offer information and entertainment in the most engaging way. The netizens around the globe follow events irrespective of the domains. Increasing use of social media platforms boosting video supports has fueled this trend up to a great extent. My focus here is on the future of social media that is shaped up by live streaming. Let’s have a look at it:

> Huge ‘explosion’ of the trend — If you have just logged in a Facebook, you must have got a notification about someone being ‘live,’ doing some activity somewhere. Or, let’s say if you have entered into your Instagram account, you could watch a live story or live feed shared by some of your friends. They are promoting their activities taking place in real time; rather they post it instantly when they are engaged in it. The pace of life was never so fast, trust me! Facebook with ‘Facebook Live’ has been a leading supporter of live streaming videos in this rat race. Eventually, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram too seized this practice. Streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix are emerging to replace traditional mediums of entertainment like television. Live content on social media is instantly visible with the increased use of smartphones and tablets loaded with unlimited data packs. Considering enormous popularity and audience engagement; big brands are entering in online streaming services to boost their brand image.

> Boosting brand image — Many corporate brands have entered the markets with live streaming videos to promote their products and services. Including product launches, demos for social media campaigns; live streaming is providing an opportunity to communicate with the audiences in real time. Variety of live streaming videos are trending in the global markets which are used by several brands to strengthen the corporate identity. Instant feedback in the form of comments, reactions, sharing, etc. have offered excellent user engagement for a particular product or service under a brand. Videos or content getting huge attention and engagement on social media platforms are further building user communities having similar interests. Since audience responses have become faster, companies are paying serious attention to cultivating their every product as a brand across the globe.

> Increasing interactivity — Interactive attributes such as live reactions, live comments, live replies, and filters, etc. has made internet communication in real time. All these features have made social media more energetic and exciting. In the future, you may be able to sketch or doodle your video while you are streaming it live. Live broadcasts are creating and increasing the level of excitement among the people to make the happenings viral than ever before.

> Growth of streaming solutionsLive streaming companies, have been working hard to develop the services to generate high-quality video content to engage the audience. Affordable subscription rates and easy registration procedures are the two aspects which are simplified by the service providers. Unique and high-quality genuine content is exciting the viewers for the fun and entertainment they often seek for. Live streaming services have also acquired massive demand on the commercial level to popularize the brand on a global scale with its dynamic features.

> Backing of a revolutionary technology — Since live video streaming services are becoming more omnipresent; many tech organizations have started following suite to generate new ways to acquire streaming capabilities. High-end cameras and drones capture the events from the sky to live stream for the target audience. 360-degree videos too are favourite on social media which are often live stream by the big brands. Several innovations and technological progress have taken place in the live streaming industry resulting in providing HD quality visuals to the viewers with supersonic speed of broadband.

In my opinion, 2018 will show us colossal acceptance of live streaming videos not only by social media but also by the television industry. Real-time experience and increased emotional engagement are the two strong reasons why streaming services are highly favourable. With the dynamic features; social media platforms are found to be a cost-effective yet efficient medium to make a brand favourite. To efficiently live stream your video, I would suggest you create a theme or concrete strategy that’ll be accepted and liked by the audiences instantly.

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