Deathstroke is The Villain for Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie!

It looks like we now know who the main villain of the upcoming solo Batman movie will be and its going to be Deathstroke. The character has shown up more and more in modern animated films and even in the Arkham video games as well as being on the DC television show Arrow. He hasn’t been in any live action film as of yet and it looking like he is finally going to have his chance now.

In a recent tweet Ben Affleck revealed to what looks like test footage during the pre-production of the standalone Batman movie. The film is still a ways off but that fact that we are already seeing elements of the film now does start the hype train a bit early. I think that Deathstroke can be a cool villain, but I am not sure if he is fit for the MAIN villain just yet. I will have a see a bit more but I can be confident in that.

What do you think of the video and does Deathstoke look like a compelling villain for a Batman movie?