FamilyMart Now Accpets BitoEX’s Bitcoin Wallet to Buy Goods

BitoEX Technology Company and FamilyMart in Taiwan again collaborate on more bitcoin applications! Near 3000 FamilyMart convenience stores in Taiwan accept BitoEX’s wallet as well as payment system. BitoWallet, which is bitcoin wallet with multiple payment system issued by BitoEX, is recognized in FamilyMart. It is expecting that international backpackers, foreign travelers, self-service tourists as well as FamilyMart members will be attracted to use this new service. Under this cooperation, FamilyMart and BitoEX build the maximum numbers of B&M stores for bitcoin application in Asia. It is estimated that BitoEX will soon become the leading cross-currency settlement center of cryptocurrency in Asia.
FamilyMart said that Taiwan’s government started supporting FinTech industry, including blockchain innovation, and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) declared bitcoin as Bulk Stock. Both signs indicated bitcoin to be certified as a steady development by governments. Regarding bitcoin as good prospects, FamilyMart worked with BitoEX to initiate bitcoin purchase in convenience stores since 2014. The impact has been tremendous that not only Taiwan’s FamilyMart has been regarded as “holly place of bitcoin purchase” but also BitoEX’s bitcoin wallet has received warm welcome by bitcoin lovers. With regard to cooperation this year, FamilyMart accepts BitoEX’s wallet to settle cross-currency payment. Taiwan’s foreign travelers could consume as easily as local people with this new added service in FamilyMart. FamilyMart hopes to extend the cooperation to its online stores which further accept BitoEX’s wallet in near future. In that way Taiwan’s FamilyMart will be able to accept cross-border payment from all over the world.
BitoEX CEO Titan said that BitoEX Lab has explored to integrate blockchain technology and cross-currency settlement with BitoEX’s wallet since 2014, and it achieved great performance. FamilyMart’s further cooperation with BitoEX’s bitcoin wallet would mark revolutionary innovation that retail industry successfully combined with FinTech industry.
According to Taiwan’s governmental department, Fair Trade Commission, consumptions in Taiwan’s convenience stores hit historical high of over 2.9 billion visitors last year in 2014. It was worth noting that international visitors also rapidly increased. Lots of international bloggers customize their exclusive bitcoin purchase in Taiwan’s FamilyMart. The cooperation between FamilyMart and BitoEX soon became global media focus. There were couples of in-depth coverages of the innovated cryptocurrency movement last year by several mainstream media, including CoinDesk, CryptoCoins News, Wall Street Journal, and TechOrange.
Starting from last September, BitoEX has added a new function of bitcoin consumption in FamilyMart. Customers can simply transfer bitcoins into cash coupons to buy goods in FamilyMart. “Bitcoin is allowed to buy and consume as well in convenience stores. That would be trilled news in bitcoin world,” said Titan. “BitoEX is a FinTech company with supporting versatile cross-border payments,” Titan add, “Additionally, as some functions of PayPal was hold in Taiwan market, we hope to offer the other excellent alternative such as BitoEX’s wallet to Taiwan’s consumers.” Founded in 2014, BitoEX has aims to popularize BitoWallet in global market for both consumers and merchants. BitoEX will march in Asia market next year to expand tremendous experiences of cryptocurrency application in human lives.

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Attribute: FinTech Company
Founding Time: May, 2014
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