Low Maintenance Hair color Techniques

Have you ever had hair-color anxiety? Do you feel like Platinum Blonde or Ronze; exorbitant hair color styles, can only provide you with a good-looking edge? Well, guess what? you don’t have to pay big bucks to get a soothing and mesmerizing look. Embracing a new hair color doesn’t need to be a costly affair.

Here are five luscious low maintenance hair color techniques guaranteed to provide you with a stunning look:


Be it high-shine hair or Dark Blonde, Sombre is easy to go on any kind of hairstyle. It’s the subtler and softer version of Ombre, using fewer contrasting shades to achieve a more natural look. The color fluctuates from dull to dimensional. The contrast is pretty much softer. Keeping the roots natural and ends a bit lighter than natural, Sombre will require very little upkeep.


Incorporating the different variety of colors could be fun. It could provide you with a richer and more natural look. Lowlights would help you in that with minimal trips to the saloon. Lowlights would provide you with a gorgeous darkening look and a subtler result than highlights. The dark accents deliver an alluring look to body movement and lush locks. Lowlights allow you to have a sun-kissed effect and it blends smoothly with your skin tone. The color fades quite gradually and it doesn’t require frequent touch-ups.


Would you like to embrace a casual and sauntering look? Then you should definitely try your hands on Balayage. It is a freehand coloring technique where colour is applied by hands rather than traditional highlighting.

Balayage produces natural, healthy color with a bold look. The beauty of Balayage is that it blends flawlessly with all kinds of hairstyles.

Why Balayage requires low maintenance because it grows out naturally and the blended finish means you can leave longer between your salon appointments.

Tortoiseshell Hair

Among the hottest and sizzling hair color trend which is hitting the salons these days is Tortoiseshell. The look is so red-hot that you might feel you have to pay big bucks for this. But, that’s not the case. It is a mixture of dark shades and touches of warm tones of honey and gold. It is a gradient mix of both dark and light but respectively highlighting the warm tones. For color enhancement and improvisation, the variations of Ombre, Balayage can be added.

Lived In

Some clients say this to their respective hair stylist “they want an everlasting hair color which lasts for quite a long long time”. “Lived In” is exactly what they are looking for. Under this new-fashioned hair color style, the color stays for a good duration of six months.

The natural color tones are put back in the hair color to provide them with a more innate look.

Enjoy and experiment the above-mentioned hair colors in a funky manner.