I ran my second 10k today

For many….no big deal. For me…it was a big deal.

Crossing the finish line in 1 hour, 11 minutes.

I ran my first 10k almost exactly one year ago. I was new to Vancouver and when I moved here from Toronto, I was eager to take in all the west coast of Canada has to offer. Fresh sea air, mountains, great skiing not to far from my front door, hiking, climbing and so on and so on.

Confession. Other than one ski trip and 2 leisurely hikes, I haven’t done any of that. In fact, the only real reason I ran my first 10k last year was to impress a woman. She said she was going to do it and I, despite having never run a 10k in my life said ~ “I’ll join you”.

So the anniversary of the run was coming up and while still friends with the woman, there is no longer a need to impress her. Truth be told, there never was in the first place. I’ll deal with that bit of self inflicted angst in another post.

There was however, a need to impress myself. Well, less “impress” and more “stick to it”. I’ve made many plans in the last year or so. I’ve expressed with conviction that I would do things, then never did them. I needed to break that. While the cause the race was supporting is important, they had my participation money. It wasn’t tied to me actually running. I could easily have stayed home, watched the early NFL game that was being broadcast from England and it wouldn’t have changed anything relating to the race and the money it raised for the cause.

What would have changed would have been me.

More accurately, what needed to change was me.

A leaf turned over. A task agreed to, taken on and completed.

The first of many.

For me…..it was a big deal.