Written by Lorri Allport, Specialist Midwife for IT, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS

As well as rolling out Attend Anywhere to ante-natal clinics, we are extending the service into the family liaison room. This room was specially set up for couples to meet up with a midwife to talk over events…

Written by Frank Shen, Vice President of PACD, Western Europe, for Huawei Technologies

Throughout human history, from the weaving machines of the industrial revolution to the smartphone, mechanization has prompted concerns that technology will make people redundant or alter society in unsettling ways. Today’s greatest fears, from loss of employment…

Written by Mark Hodgson, Chief Business Officer, Cervest

Here in the UK, we consumers generally enjoy easy and predictable access to an extensive range of food. We expect to select the food we want every time we visit the supermarket or shop online, in the form we want it in…


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