Value is “perception of benefit”.


  • Value is perception of benefit.
  • Value may or may not be quantifiable.
  • Value is perceived conscious / unconscious.
  • Value lies in everything.

Exchanging Value

  • Value is being exchanged all the time.
  • Value exchange is not just material , it can be a conversation / information sharing or any action which creates perception of benefit.
  • Value is exchanged based on Trust (protocol).
  • The only time when there is no value exchange is when someone is captive and hence bent to the will of the other.

Existing trust protocol

  • Peer-Peer value exchange between humans usually happens when they know each other.
  • If unknown to each other, value exchange happens via central mediators who provides platform for exchange by storing personal information of both the people (like banks , online retailers , …)
  • These central mediators charge fee to provide value exchange platforms.
  • In the existing trust protocol, identities must be verified one or the other way.

Blockchain trust protocol

  • Blockchain technology provides a way to exchange value without revealing identities.
  • This means we don’t need to know whom we interact with while securely exchanging value.
  • This also eliminates need for any intermediaries for value exchange.

I believe blockchain trust protocol opens many new innovations in many industries in near future.