19 key points of PM Modi’s action plan of Startup India

Here are the some of the key points in the action plan of Startup India:

  1. Compliance regime based on self certification
  2. Startup India hub
  3. Simplifying the startup process
  4. Patent protection
  5. Funds of funds with a corpus of Rs 10,000 crore
  6. Credit Guarantee Fund
  7. Exemption from Capital Gains Tax
  8. Tax exemption for startups
  9. Tax exemption on investments above Fair Market Value
  10. Startup fests
  11. Launch of Atal Innovation Mission
  12. Setting up of 35 new incubators in institutions
  13. Setting up of 7 new research parks
  14. Promote entrepreneurship in biotechnology
  15. Innovation focused programmers for students
  16. Panel of facilitators to provide legal support and assist in filing of patent application
  17. 80 per cent rebate on filing patent applications by startups
  18. Relaxed norms of public procurement for startups
  19. Faster exits for startups\

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