Why the Lumix GH5S is all you need for low light photography!

There is a certain sense of romance in the dark. It is a theme often explored in paintings and movies. Techniques are used to bring out the subtle patterns that lights form when interacting at reduced intensities. Actually over a period of time this has led to a dedicated genre of photography, where this magical interplay is recorded and enhanced. This dedicated genre by extension also has ardent fans and aficionados. But pursuing this genre is no easy task. It involves not just the extensive knowledge of the workings of light but also the best low light camera.

So how would you go about deciding which is the best low light camera? Well for starters, it has to be an exceptional camera in its own right. An extraordinary sensor that is able to reproduce colours perfectly is a must. A variety of things can be captured under the umbrella of low-light photography. And it becomes difficult for fixed lens cameras to capture the myriad of scenarios that low-light photography entails. So interchangeable lens cameras are usually preferred for theis genre. And with advancements in technology on the mirrorless front, a mirrorless camera comes across the best option, given how low-light photography will invariably involve high mobility. So, which camera would qualify as the best mirrorless camera for low-light photography?

You should look no further than the Panasonic Lumix GH5S in your search for the best low light camera. The GH5S is an impressive step up for the low light category. It takes the Lumix GH5 and adds exceptional low-light capabilities to it. The revolution lies in the dual-native ISO, which is an extermely useful feature for low-light photography. A dual native ISO is essentially the two levels ISO levels the camera works optimally. A native ISO is the level at which a camera is desingned to provide the prefect output. The further you veer away from this setting the less clean your pictures get. On the GH5S there are two native ISO settings. One at ISO-400 and the other at ISO-2500. These two native settings are extremely adept at covering settings from as low as ISO-160 to as high as ISO-51200.

The GH5S is a true beast, tamed by Lumix to dominate low-light photography. It’s ability to devour every minute particle of light means it gives very good pictures athe very low light. Add to this the Venus Engine 10 engine powered Micro Four Thirds sensor and you have a camera that is capable of producing extremely clear pictures with stunning and less blown out midtones. Over and above this, the 4K60p recording and you have camera that is great at both low-light photography and videography. Moreover, the enhanced battery life, the sturdy built makes the GH5S not just a great camera for low-light photography but also a contender to the title of the best mirrorless camera out there.

So go out and conquer light with the Panasonic Lumix GH5S, trust us you will not be disappointed. And do remember to carry your tripod for your dimly lit sojourns.