Building a Digital Church | Part 2 — Content

In my previous blog I explored the foundations of what is required to build a Digital Church, specificially the ‘three 3 C's’; Content, Culture and Community.

So lets dig in a little deeper around the first — content.

For many Churches, content is not a problem. Even if you don’t have an internal media team, there is so much content available that can align to your theology, that you may think this is going to be easy.

However, it is precisely because there is so much content available that we have a problem.

Often described as a digital landfill, choosing the right content for your audience can be really challenging as you need to ensure that the content you curate is suitable for the audience you are looking to engage with (back to Part 1).

But it is not just about what content you choose; you should also consider how much content you have and how often you refresh it.

For example, if you provide a huge library of content, the chances are people will get ‘analysis paralysis’ and will end up not watching anything. I know we have all had this experience when ordering take away food or looking for the next box set on Netflix.

Tailoring our content to the user’s preferences is critical for our success and with modern Content Management Systems, we can automatically curate content based on previous behaviour, crowd behaviour and the user’s personal preferences.

Another challenge is volume.

As an avid Podcast listener and subscriber, my iPhone is constantly getting new podcasts on a regular basis, and this is great most of the time.

There are some content providers however, that insisit on releasing 2 to 3 podcasts a day. Now this might be just me, but this is just too much and I end up unsubscribing to these feeds.

It is a fine line of course, but when you are thinking about your content strategy, start with the audience first.

As tempting as it is to start curating clever content playlists etc, stop and spend some time with your audience. Ask them about what content they would value and how often they would like to see it.

If you get a good representative sample of people, you will be well under way to creating a great content experience for you audience.

In the next blog we will explore the next ‘c’; Culture.

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The Future Technology and Culture of the Church

The Future Technology and Culture of the Church