Building a Digital Church | Part 3— Culture

Start as you mean to continue…

Short and sweet, but an excellent mantra to use when looking to build a culture, especially digitally.

I was reminded of this when I was listening to a podcast about the founder of Flickr.

Her goal was to set up a place for digital photos and those passionate about them to hang out.

Before she got into Flickr, she had been part of a number of digital communities but what she said about those communities really stood out.

She explained that it wasn’t the technology that was used, in fact she couldnt remember what they were using at all, but it was how she felt when she was in the groups.

And that is exactly the point.

A Digital Church, like a physical church, has to have a tangible culture to it. What that culture is, is up to you, but you need to set the temperature as early as possible.

It is much harder to change a culture than to create one.

Despite the fact that technologists, like me, often focus on the technical solutions, the technology is not the most important thing.

I have seen organisations spend thousands on an church app and wonder why they dont get any adoption or engagement, yet there are thriving communities of Christian on apps like WhatsApp or Slack.

Yes, you do need to consider the technology, but people will forgive a great deal, if they can find community.

I cannot tell you what culture you need to develop, but whatever it is it needs to be simple to use, simple to access and simple to ignore.

Put too many roadblocks in, or too many hoops or demands, and they will leave or ignore it. Just like the physical church.

As they say in many a circle, Keep It Simple.

The Church is at its best when it is authentic.

Away from the flashing lights and production.

Digital Church is no different.

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The Future Technology and Culture of the Church

The Future Technology and Culture of the Church