Building a Digital Church | Part 4— Community

As we come to a close on the three pillars of a Digital Church, I wanted to talk about the importance of community.

We already discussed how important content can be, and then how culture needs to be set strong and fast at the beginning; but the magic happens, as you can imagine, in the community.

It is when we develop and nurture community that all of this comes together.

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it. If your digital church has amazing content and even a brilliant culture, but there is no-one there, it is not going to be a good customer experience.

Engagement is the key and it will not happen by itself; it needs to be nurtured.

We need to be ready to engage at all times, posting, responding, commenting…

That is until we get a critical mass. That’s when things get interesting.

A classic mistake with physical church planting is sending a small team. This small team works hard, and creates some progress, but it is hard work.

Experienced church planters know that a successful plant starts with a large team. Not easy to make happen, but absolutely critical to success.

And what is true physically, is also true digitally.

When we launch our digital churches, having a handful of committed, passionate people on it is not going to be enough. You need a large community of people who are all motivated to create the community.

The critical mass does depend on your target markets, but I would suggest you are looking to get 50 as a minimum if you want to have a thriving and attractive community.

It is a well known phenomenon that people are attracted to activity. Empty restaurants will struggle to get busy as people walk by and assume the restaurant is no good as there is no-one in it.

But as soon as people start to come, others join them.

My advise as we close this series is don’t wait until the end to start creating your plan to build community. You need to start at the beginning and build the community from day 1 so when you are ready to launch, you have a bunch of raving fans, chomping at the bit to get on and do church digitally.

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The Future Technology and Culture of the Church

The Future Technology and Culture of the Church