Content is not longer King in the world of Digital Marketing

Content Is No Longer King

For years we have been told to create more and more content. Content has been held up as king in this digital world.

As such we have all tried to produce more and more content. Videos, engagement questions, interviews, sermons and so on and so forth.

This has been great in many respects as we have never had it so good in terms of the availability of great reading or watching material.

There is however a problem.

The Digital Landfill

With all of this content, no-one is really standing out any more. There is just so much stuff, getting our message out is harder than ever before.

What we have now is a digital landfill.

To highlight this, statistics show that just 1% of content on social media is making up 95% of viewed content. That is a big gap.

So what do we do?

The first step is to stop thinking that content is king, but instead think about distribution; how and where are people going to see your content?

We should be spending about 33% of our time on the content and 66% of our time thinking about distribution.

The 4 M’s

The best way to do this is to use the 4 M’s.

  • Market
  • Medium
  • Message
  • Magnet

Let’s look at these in turn.


This is the first step in messaging. We need to figure out exactly who we want to read the message. The days of “show up and throw up” are long gone and we need to be very mindful of the audience. Are we reaching the unchurched, current members, people who like us, people who don’t like us etc.

This is a foundational step that drives the rest of the steps, but is so often ignored or overlooked as we assume everyone will want to hear what we have to say…and that simply is not true. Check your engagement scores if you don’t believe me.


This second step is focused on what platform or platforms you are going to use to communicate your message. There is a big difference between what you should be putting on your website and what should go on your Instagram feed.

On your website, you know that you have a captive audience who have found you and so will have a question that you are answering. On Instagram you have an entirely different demographic, and you are competing with many more people with a significantly lower attention span.


So at last we get to content. But that content should be honed to the market and to the medium you defined above. The biggest mistake people make is reposting the same content on all platforms.

Don’t do that. Create content specifically for the audience and medium. This is where you will get the most traction.


This is the final step and is often referred to as the Call to Action. It is what you are asking the person to do. Like a page, go to a website, sign up etc.

The basis of this is something called the ‘Value Exchange’. You have to ask yourself “Am I creating enough value in my message to ensure someone takes an action?”

This is a hard pill to swallow, but we need to make sure that we are adding value to our audiences and community before we can expect them to click on anything.

Think Different and Standout

If you want your messages to standout, we need to think very differently to the other people and organisations that are all competing for our audience’s attention.

Turn it around and think distribution before you think of message or content - and watch your engagement sky rocket.

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