Not really sure how to drop you a line on this platform yet.
Gail Kenny

Hi Gail. Great to connect. Deep interest networks essentially work in the reverse of social media platforms like Facebook.

Facebook is based on a connection with people first and then a connection to some interests. That is why your feed tends to be full of stuff you dont actually care about.

With deep interest networks, you start by your interest and then you connect to people. Hence the feed is always relevant.

You can go general, for example I am interested in Church. But the real value is the deep interest. For example I am in interested in how to apply Digital Church to reach the unchurched communities in Idaho.

Hyper targeted and massively relevant and a very different experience.

What is super interesing is that on the platforms I have explored is the ability to cluster the groups and even commericalise them (not saying that is the right thing to do but it might be. An example could be if you were offering some sort of training and or mentoring).

Does this help?

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